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Citytopia is a strategy and management-based game that invites you to create your own city, one building at a time. As you can imagine, you have to build houses, factories, businesses, parks, and a bunch of other buildings that meet the city's needs and provides it with as much luxury as possible.

Unlike other similar games, in Citytopia you'll need to use cards to create any building. In order to get the cards, you'll need to open envelopes and to get those envelopes, you'll have to level up by completing missions (or you can just buy them).

You can place your buildings anywhere on the map. You can also choose the products that you want to manufacture inside the factories and the products that you want to sell in your stores. You can also choose the type of parks that you want to build and where to build them. Total freedom.

Citytopia is a super entertaining strategy-based game that lets you build dozens of different buildings and create a totally unique city. The game also includes amazing visuals and is backed up by none other than Atari.
By Beatriz

Android 5.0 or greater is required.