Cosmo Run


Stay on the path or fall into space


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Cosmo Run is a game of skill where you have to stay focused and try to get as far as possible. To play, try to get the ball to follow the path without falling into space. The maze is three-dimensional, too, which only makes it more difficult to keep the ball from falling.

The gameplay is very simple: slide your finger to where you want to move the ball. The ball will automatically rotate, so you'll have to calculate your next move quickly to keep it from falling. And because the path is narrow, sometimes you'll have no choice but to go to the other side or else you'll fall into space.

Even though the path can be pretty complicated, the real difficulty lies in the fact that the maze is three-dimensional. This will definitely confuse your brain, since it will be hard to distinguish between the direction you want to go and the direction you want to avoid. To get through the most complicated parts, you'll have to practice a lot.

As you play, you'll find stars that will help you get higher scores and beat records. The points you earn are based on two things: the turns you make and the stars you collect. The more points you get, the higher your ranking.