Strategy from the Stone Age up to the future


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DomiNations is a strategy game where players control a civilization from its beginnings up to the space race. Sound similar to what you'd find in Civilization? Well, it's not. In fact, this is yet another title that's strongly inspired by Clash of Clans.

As in all games of this sort, in DomiNations players can build their town however they want – houses, mills, mines, warehouses, barracks, watchtowers, and so on. The most important part, as always, is the town hall, which you'll have to protect from enemy attack at all costs.

In the barracks, you can train and recruit new soldiers, who will not just defend the town but also attack enemy civilizations. To do so, just pick your opponent and deploy your units, and they'll do the rest.

A relatively new element in DomiNations is that every so often – and provided you already have the needed resources – you can advance your civilization's technology. You'll be able to see these changes both in the buildings and in the overall look of your city.

DomiNations is an interesting strategy game that, even if it doesn't bring anything innovative to the genre, does introduce some fun elements within the Clash of Clans-style formula.

Needs at least 75 megabytes of free space on the device's memory


Requires Android 3.0 or higher

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