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Hot or Not is an app that allows you to look at the profiles of other people who use the same service, focusing particularly on their photographs, in order to decide if you like them or not (if you think they are attractive or not).

The app works very simply: you can take a glance at three or four photographs of each of the users and decide if you like them or not. If you do like them, you can also send them a message to ask for... whatever you want - that's up to you.

Hot or Not will only show you people who are near you, in order to make things easier after you chat. In addition, at first it will only show you people that are somehow connected to you, and later it will begin to show all of the people in your city and in the surrounding area.

All of the information used in Hot or Not is taken directly from Facebook. The photos, the personal information including their age and location, and even their interests come directly from their Facebook profiles. Thanks to this information, you can more easily decide who you like and who you don't.

Hot or Not is a good app for people who want to hook up or just meet new people.
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