Knights and Glory - Tactical Battle Simulator


Manage your troops in the battlefield and defeat any rival


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Knights and Glory - Tactical Battle Simulator is a skill based game that turns you into a strategist whose objective is to deploy your kingdom's troops in order to get rid of the enemy's. If you like strategy based games, this adventure will test your skills to measure out the rival's onslaughts and your strength over your enemy's.

You'll start with a short tutorial that'll teach you how to manage the soldiers that are available to you. Once you can get rid of all your enemies, you'll be ready to start out on your own. Gameplay in Knights and Glory - Tactical Battle Simulator is really simple but at the beginning, it'll be difficult to understand the building process of an army. In each level you access, you'll see a number of enemy troops and your mission will be to pick how many of your troops will be part of the battle.

In order to create your own army, you have to keep several things in mind; the first thing is that you can only place a specific number of soldiers on the battlefield and you'll have to pick the amount of artillery of each kind to use. On the other hand, watch your opponent's soldiers, because depending on their defense, you can improve your offense.

In Knights and Glory - Tactical Battle Simulator, you'll have to conquer each land little by little and that'll only be possible if you improve your soldiers. Each card has an attack and defense index that will keep improving as you keep investing on them, that's the only way you can cause more harm than your rival and become victorious in each battle. Become a master strategist and deploy hundreds of soldiers on the battlefield to become one of the greatest conquerors of the game.