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UNFOLD is an app for creating visual stories with a series of templates and your own photos. Once you're done, you can also post them to your Instagram story.

Creating a story with UNFOLD is super simple. To begin, make as many slides as you want by choosing a template and filling it with your favorite photos. In some templates, you can also add text with up to five different fonts. Then, once you're done with your story, all you have to do is save it.

For the second step, open Instagram and slide to the left to post a story, making sure to select the option to post from your gallery. Once you're there, all you have to do is post all the slides you've made with UNFOLD in the correct order.

UNFOLD is a good app for regular Instagram users. With UNFOLD, you can finally create elegant and detailed stories in just a few seconds. What's more, the app adds additional filters, templates, and fonts with each new update.

Requires Android 5.1 or higher

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