A news reader that learns from your searches


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News360 is a custom news reader that adapts to your preferences by showing you the results that you'll likely find most useful or interesting. The more you use it, the more effective it becomes, meaning the more you browse and read news with News360, the better it will be able to cater to your preferences.

The first time you use the app, you have to select topics that interest you, starting by ranking certain content. News360 has several reporting options: based on common news categories, on trends (what's being talked about around the world), or on what's happening in your country.

Through all these categories, News360 shows you everything you missed since the last time you used the app, and you can expand the information by browsing the different themes found in the main tab.

This app collects data from millions of news sources around the world, both local and international, and you can subscribe to any of them. You can also silence them, though, so you don't receive anything when you're not there. The headlines featured in this app also have tags that link together themes and other stories, so you can easily navigate from topic to topic.