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If you want to have the best collection of Pokémon, you'll need to focus on evolving those that will benefit you the most - but which Pokémon should you focus on? Introducing Poke Genie - this app lets you find out the real value of your Pokémon and also helps you decide which are worth evolving.

The main use of this app is to show which Pokémon have the most potential, helping you to spend your stardust and candies wisely. To use Poke Genie, you simply have to download the Poke Genie app, open Pokémon Go and go to the tab of any of your Pokémon. Now, with Poke Genie installed, you'll find information about the benefit or risk of attacking or defending gyms, how much damage will be caused by special attacks, the general state of your Pokémon, how much they can be improved, and other important stats. What’s more, all this can be easily accessed while playing Pokemon Go - no need to switch between apps.

With all of the information that Poke Genie gives you, you can easily see if a specific Pokémon is able to be improved and how much it would cost, which will help you decide if it's worth investing your hard-earned candies and stardust in a specific Pokémon. Sometimes it may be better to train another, weaker creature instead of focusing on your strongest ones because Pokémon develop more quickly at lower levels. This will allow you to create the most effective team of Pokémon!

If you are a Pokémon trainer and want to capture the strongest Pokémon, quickly gain control of rival gyms and defend those that you already have, then Poke Genie is an essential tool in your Pokémon adventure.
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