Survival Simulator

0.1.9 alpha

Try to survive on this desert island


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Survival Simulator is a first-person survival game where you start in the middle of nowhere, naked and armed only with a stone hammer. The idea is to try to avoid starving to death or being attacked by wild animals and survive as long as you can.

As usual in games of this type, the first thing to do starting out is chop down trees and break up rocks. This delivers basic resources you can then use to make all kinds of tools, weapons, armor, and other objects. You'll need to build an oven to melt metal, an anvil to repair tools, a bed to sleep in, and much more.

When it comes to building things in Survival Simulator, there are tons of possibilities. The only inconvenience is that, besides building your own house, there's not much else to do on this island. You can hunt boars, but there are no other animals. Luckily, the latest game updates are fixing these problems.

Survival Simulator is an entertaining first-person survival game. Though it's not exactly an original idea (in fact, there are a zillion other games exactly like it), it does offer a fun and high-quality gaming experience.

Requires Android 4.0 or higher