Triple Hearts


Destroy your enemies in PVP battles


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Triple Hearts is an online RTS where you face off against online players worldwide in strategic PvP duels. This title offers players super colorful graphics with playability that's ideal for all kinds of players.

The game system in Triple Hearts is very similar to Clash Royale. You'll have to invoke creatures in two distinct lanes in order to destroy your enemy base. The odd part in this game lies in the 'hero' figure. That kind of unit works differently: you'll be able to move about freely on your battlefield and it has a number of special skills that you'll need to activate.

Heroes in Triple Hearts are key in order for matches to develop. You'll need to win matches through them. If you eliminate three enemies, you'll finish your battle. Plus you'll need to be careful not to let your heroes bite the dust.

Triple Hearts is an excellent PvP strategy game that has original mechanics thanks to its hero system. It's a fun title with a long campaign mode where you'll be submerged in a full story that's chocked with excitement.
By Erika Okumura
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