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TVShow Time is a TV series management tool that lets you keep track of all of your favorite shows: Game of Thrones, Adventure Time, Breaking Bad, The Americans ... if the series exists, then its in this app.

On TVShow Time you'll find a database with over 50,000 different shows, all of them with complete information such as the number of seasons and episodes, the cast, air dates, episode summaries, etc. Everything you want to know about a show will be right there available to you.

The best thing about TVShow Time, in any case, isn’t that its lets you check out all the info related to your favorite shows, but that it lets you keep track of which episodes you have and haven't seen. This way you won’t ever find yourself not knowing what episode you're on.

Another interesting feature on TVShow Time is that it lets you interact with the rest of the app's users. So if, for example, a friend has seen five episodes of a show in a row, it'll let you know that very instant.

TVShow Time is a very interesting TV series management app that's perfect for users who enjoy this kind of multimedia content...which nowadays is practically all of us.

Requires Android 4.0 or above

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